LibreCAD vs QCAD

LibreCAD vs QCAD

On the surface QCAD and LibreCAD and every other 2D CAD software is the same, offering the same basic tools, user interface, and supported file formats. The small differences will either have you praising the software developers or cursing them as you spend your precious time fiddling with the quirks. In 2011 LibreCAD was forked from QCAD version 2. In the software development community, forking is the process of duplicating a project and having it be developed by a different group of engineers.

Free CAD Software

For non-professionals, it’s difficult to warrant paying thousands of dollars on CAD software. Free CAD software is available and many times will work fine in lieu of paid software. Below is a list of 2D and 3D CAD programs that you can use for free. Some of the options below are free versions of paid software. In many of the cases, the free versions offer great functionality and many of the same tools, but may limit you from using the software commercially.

List of Markdown Editors

Even with a markup language as simple as Markdown, it is nice to have an editor that complements the language. I use Markdown frequently to write posts on my websites along with writing documentation when developing software. I’ve used many of these following editors and I am sure we will have a different opinion on which one is the best. I’ve also tried many other editors that I couldn’t care enough about to even mention here.
MultiSSH MSSH Tool connected to multiple SSH servers.

SSH into Multiple Servers using MultiSSH

When you need to run the same maintenance commands on multiple servers, one option is to use a tool called MultiSSH (sometimes referred to as mssh). MultiSSH is a basic tool that allows you to connect to multiple SSH servers and run the same commands simultaneously on all of the connected servers. MultiSSH also allows you to run commands on a single server, a group of connected servers, or all of the connected servers.

TweetDeck Getting Started Tips

If you don’t know what TweetDeck is, then you probably don’t need it. Though, for the slim possibility that you do need it and don’t know about it, TweetDeck is a Twitter Manager… in short. You can tweet from multiple accounts, keep track of searches and messages, have lists for each account, and more. It’s all of Twitter in a single screen with support for multiple accounts. TweetDeck is both available online as a website and as a desktop application for OSX and Windows operating systems.