Using Olimex with AVRDUDE in Linux

Using the Olimex AVR-ISP-MK2 with Linux and AVRDUDE can be frustrating the first time as the configuration process requires you to apply patches, update firmware, build a patched version of AVRDUDE, and modify your udev rules. This post will go through the entire process. I recently had to undergo this process, and some of the information available is now outdated. Hopefully, this article will help you solve some of the problems you faced while attempting to get Olimex to work with AVRDUDE.
Random Numbers in Hugo

Generating Random Numbers, Strings, and more in Hugo

If you’ve ever needed a random number, string, or slice index from your Hugo website, this post has you covered. This article will cover selecting seeds, generating random numbers, and then how to use the random number to create random strings and select random items from slices. Random numbers in Hugo (at least with the methods outlined in this tutorial) won’t generate a cryptographically secure value. I don’t see much worth generating cryptographically secure values for a static site.
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Hugo Footnotes and Citations

Adding citations and footnotes to your articles benefits your readers, adds additional credibility to your article, and can help improve your website’s SEO1. With Hugo, it’s really simple to add footnotes to your articles without any additional configuration or code. Hugo has two main Markdown parsers that it uses. Versions 0.60 and later use Goldmark while previous versions use BlackFriday. Both of these parsers support footnotes without any additional configuration and will add the footnotes to the bottom of the post automatically.
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Local Mercurial Hosting

I needed a local mercurial hosting option. The following is what I came up with. Hopefully, you will find it useful or the post at least gives you some ideas. My requirements were basic. Web browsable repositories Minimal and maintenance-free Support for pushing new changesets Accessible through a URL to easily pull dependencies Needed access from a single computer (which let me omit authentication) I didn’t need bug tracking, code review, or anything fancy.
LibreCAD Isometric Projection

LibreCAD Isometric Projection Drawing

Even though LibreCAD is a 2D CAD program, it doesn’t mean that everything you can draw is solely going resemble a single flat surface. LibreCAD, along with many other 2D CAD programs, let you switch from an orthogonal grid to an isometric grid. Other than those two projections, other CAD software, such as QCAD, allows you to have planometric, dimetric, cabinet, and cavalier projections. Learn more about QCAD with our LibreCAD vs QCAD post.