TweetDeck Getting Started Tips

If you don’t know what TweetDeck is, then you probably don’t need it. Though, for the slim possibility that you do need it and don’t know about it, TweetDeck is a Twitter Manager… in short. You can tweet from multiple accounts, keep track of searches and messages, have lists for each account, and more. It’s all of Twitter in a single screen with support for multiple accounts. TweetDeck is both available online as a website and as a desktop application for OSX and Windows operating systems.

Desktop Recording Methods

Capturing your desktop (or laptop) screen is an easy task once you have a system in place. Before that system is in place you can expect your day or week to be ruined trying to find the best method. Hopefully I can help make that process a lot shorter and stressful. The thing you have to know about recording your desktop is, what is your goal? Do you want to record video game footage, clip of a movie, a video online, software applications, or something else?

Chrome Extensions You Need

Google Chrome, the web browser, allows you to install Apps and Extensions. Apps are just links to services but show up on your dashboard. Extensions use the chrome API to make the webbrowser act differently, such as modifying requests, showing notifications, altering websites and more. Below I compiled a list of extensions you need if you browse the internet a lot, or even a little. Google Mail Checker The Google Mail Checker extension adds an envelope to your address bar along side other extensions.

ZoomIt Desktop Zoom and Drawing

ZoomIt is a free tool from Microsoft that allows you to zoom in on parts of your screen, and also draw on the screen. This tool is super light weight and will not slow down your computer, or take up much space. It is a single executable file so no installation required. A few things that are kinda bad about the program that I don’t explain in the video, or not in depth are the limitations of it.

Oracle VirtualBox VM

No need to partition your Hard Drive, or reformat parts of it to test out the latest version of Linux. With VirtualBox you can manage Virtual Systems, and test them without having to format your computer, leave your main operating system, or worry about flaws in the current OS release. VirtualBox is free to use, and really simple to navigate and learn. David shows you a quick walk through on how to get Ubuntu running in VirtualBox.