Chrome Extensions You Need

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Google Chrome, the web browser, allows you to install Apps and Extensions. Apps are just links to services but show up on your dashboard. Extensions use the chrome API to make the webbrowser act differently, such as modifying requests, showing notifications, altering websites and more.

Below I compiled a list of extensions you need if you browse the internet a lot, or even a little.

Google Mail Checker

The Google Mail Checker extension adds an envelope to your address bar along side other extensions. Clicking the icon will navigate you to GMail. But if you get a message, the icon will show the number of unread new messages. There are no settings for this extension, so you are stuck with having it only working with your Google account you are already logged in as, and as the primary user. That means multi-login won’t work.

Install Google Mail Checker

Page Rank Status

This amazing extension is great for web developers, SEO’s and website owners. Using this extension you can quickly see key statistics about your site. Some available stats are Page Rank, Alexa Information, Cached Pages, Backlinks, Search Engine Link. But that is just SEO, you have Page Speed, Site Info which includes DNS records, location and server. There are then a page of outgoing links that will link you to Google’s webmaster tools and other popular resources.

Install Page Rank Status


Now, I don’t really like telling people to download AdBlock because it somewhat ruins the web since content creators will stop earning money and then stop producing content. But in some cases you may need AdBlock for sites that overflow with inappropriate ads. AdBlock removes advertisements from websites, such as Google Adsense, and YouTube Video Ads. There are more but listing them all would be a pain. AdBlock also has an option to only run on certain sites and leave the rest open to ads, this is the preferred method so you don’t injure the sites you enjoy visiting. You also have an option to white list specific sites, and have ad’s run on those sites.

Installed AdBlock


There are a ton of other extensions so I am going to just list a few you may want to check out based on your interests.

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