• Posted on August 26, 2013

Windows 8 Change Password

To change your password in Windows 8 is a lot easier than in previous versions, and anyone will be able to quickly pick up and learn how to do this. Microsoft did some interesting things to Windows 8, and a few of these changes will really help the normal computer user use their PC.

Of course, these changes will affect power users, but they can always modify Windows 8 to work for them. So without further ado, how to update, change, remove, add a password to your Windows 8 Local Account.

Changing Your Local Password

  1. Open your Start Menu (Page with all the Programs) and click on your Name on the upper right of the screen.
  2. On the drop down list, click on the “Change Account Picture” link. This is the fastest way to get into the PC Settings for the user.
  3. In the PC Settings App, navigate on the left to “Sign-in Options”.
  4. Now you can change various Password settings. If you would like to remove a password, just go to “Change Password” and don’t enter anything and hit “Ok” or “Save”.
  5. To now exit this “App”, move your cursor or tap the upper left of the screen to your Desktop.