Textures in SketchUp

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David takes some pictures, and gets creative. He will teach you how to import pictures and use them as textures (paint bucket tool) in SketchUp. He also uses images he created in Photoshop.

You are no longer limited to using plain colors, and default textures. You can now create your own texture library that you can use with all of your future designs to make them stand out and be more realistic.

If you would to get a lot of textures for SketchUp, you can visit sites such as DeviantArt and look for general textures. But, make sure you read the license for the textures you download. Opposed to downloading textures, you can also go around and take pictures of textures you want to use from the real world. But with photos, the “repeating” nature of a texture is unlikely, so you may have to modify the picture in Photoshop or various other photo manipulation software.

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