Installing WordPress Themes

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When having your own site, displaying your style to your visitors is important. Either it be a dark punk rock style for your band website, or a bright cheerful template that your future daycare clients will see. Picking the right template or theme is very important, and can make or break the success of your website.

WordPress and it’s community of users have created thousands of templates for you to use for free. You can surf around various sites finding the perfect one for you. Although there are thousands of free WordPress templates out there, you should also look at some premium templates that are not free also, if it’s in your budget. A lot of premium themes add nice features such as easy advertisement management and more.

Now, how about we get started with installing the template you picked.

Required for Tutorial

  • FTP Client - FileZilla
  • Web Browser
  • WordPress Already Installed
  • Web Host or Localhost Setup

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