• Posted on November 17, 2012

Repair WordPress White Screen

After updating or installing a plugin, theme, or WordPress itself, you may notice your site is just a white page. What caused this? Is my data still there? Did my lack of backing up my database finally catch up to me? Don’t worry! Most white screen errors are simply because the updated resources no longer work with the current version of WordPress.

When WordPress does an update, it adds and changes functions, but most of the time the functions they want to remove will stay as “deprecated” functions until developers have enough time to update their plugins. Now because of this, when the functions are finally removed or changed, and a plugin incorrectly updated their code or lacked updating their code, it throws an error. WordPress hides the error, and PHP kills the execution of the site. Another reason for the white screen could simply be an error in coding in the plugin or theme, and nothing to do with a WordPress Update. Any PHP error will most likely cause a white screen to appear.

So in short, your data is still there, just behind a few errors we need to resolve.

Required Tools

  • FTP Client - FileZilla
  • Web Browser
  • Broken WordPress Site