Google Drive Create Envelope Template

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Creating an envelope is most office suites only requires you to dive one or two levels into a menu. As for Google Drive, this just isn’t the case. It’s possible to change a Google Drive document’s page setup by navigating to “File - Page Setup”, but there are only eleven predefined paper formats you can choose from. To change the actual dimensions of the Google Drive document, you need to use a Google Apps Script that changes the documents dimensions. If you don’t want to build a script (and I don’t blame you), below is a list of documents with the most common envelope dimensions.

Find your envelope size below and move the document to your Drive account. Then edit the document like any other word document to position the return address and destination address.

Envelope Type Dimension (inches) Drive Files
DL Envelope 4.33" x 8.66" View files
C7 Envelope 3.2" x 4.5" View files
C6 Envelope 4.5" x 6.4" View files
C5 Envelope 6.4" x 9" View files
C4 Envelope 9" x 12.8" View files
C3 Envelope 12.8" x 18" View files
B6 Envelope 4.9" x 6.9" View files
B5 Envelope 6.9" x 9.8" View files
B4 Envelope 9.8" x 13.9" View files
E4 Envelope 11" x 15.75" View files
Envelope Type Dimensions (inches) Drive Files
A2 Envelope 4.375" x 5.75" View files
A6 Envelope 4.75" x 6.5" View files
A7 Envelope 5.25" x 7.25" View files
A8 Envelope 5.5" x 8.125" View files
A10 Envelope 6" x 9.5" View files
No. 6 3/4 3.625" x 6.5" View files
No. 9 3.875" x 8.875" View files
No. 10 4.125" x 9.5" View files
No. 11 4.5" x 10.375" View files
No. 12 4.75" x 11" View files
No. 14 5" x 11.5" View files
Catalog 9" x 12" View files

You can also access the shared Google Drive folder with all of the envelopes here. This folder includes Portrait and Landscape versions of every envelope. In most cases, you can create new paragraphs and adjust alignment to position the return address and destination address. If you need custom position, you can insert a shape that contains text.

Document Creation Script

Here is the Google Apps Script that I quickly threw together to generate all of the envelope files. You can run the script once it’s copied to the App Script Editor by going to the menu “Run - Run function - main”. Heads up, this will create quite a few new files in your Drive folder.

The first time you run the script, Google will ask for permissions to access your Drive account. A warning message will also appear where you have to click on “Advanced” and then “Go to Create Sized Documents (unsafe)”. Since it’s a script that you created and you can verify what the script does, it’s fine to avoid these security warnings. Keep in mind though that copying code from the internet and running it can be dangerous.

 * Envelope Dimensions
 * <name>, <width>, <height>
  ["DL Envelope", 4.33, 8.66],
  ["C7 Envelope", 3.2, 4.5],
  ["C6 Envelope", 4.5, 6.4],
  ["C5 Envelope", 6.4, 9],
  ["C4 Envelope", 9, 12.8],
  ["C3 Envelope", 12.8, 18],
  ["B6 Envelope", 4.9, 6.9],
  ["B5 Envelope", 6.9, 9.8],
  ["B4 Envelope", 9.8, 13.9],
  ["E4 Envelope", 11, 15.75],
  ["A2 Envelope", 4.375, 5.75],
  ["A6 Envelope", 4.75, 6.5],
  ["A7 Envelope", 5.25, 7.25],
  ["A8 Envelope", 5.5, 8.125],
  ["A10 Envelope", 6, 9.5],
  ["No. 6 3/4 Envelope", 3.625, 6.5],
  ["No. 9 Envelope", 3.875, 8.875],
  ["No. 10 Envelope", 4.125, 9.5],
  ["No. 11 Envelope", 4.5, 10.375],
  ["No. 12 Envelope", 4.75, 11],
  ["No. 14 Envelope", 5, 11.5],
  ["Catalog Envelope", 9, 12]

 * Call this function with the width, height, and margin in inches
 * that you want the new envelope to be.
 * @param string name The name of the new document.
 * @param float width The width in inches of the new document.
 * @param float height The height in inches of the new document.
 * @param float margin The margin in inches of the new document.
function createEnvelope(name, width, height, margin) {
  var newDocument = DocumentApp.create(name);
  var body = newDocument.getBody();
  var ppi = 72; /* 72 points per inch */

  body.setPageHeight(height * ppi);
  body.setPageWidth(width * ppi);
  body.setMarginBottom(margin * ppi);
  body.setMarginTop(margin * ppi);
  body.setMarginLeft(margin * ppi);
  body.setMarginRight(margin * ppi);

  return newDocument.getId();

function main() {
  var i, title, x, y, margin;

  for(i = 0; i < DIMENSIONS.length; ++i) {
    title = DIMENSIONS[i][0];
    x = DIMENSIONS[i][1];
    y = DIMENSIONS[i][2];
    margin = 0.5;

    createEnvelope(title + " - Portrait", x, y, margin);
    createEnvelope(title + " - Landscape", y, x, margin);

  return 0;

The script is very simple. It works by looping through our DIMENSIONS array to get the title, width, and height of the document. We then use the DocumentApp object to create a new document. At this point, it’s just a matter of setting the page width and height using the setPageHeight and setPageWidth methods. Those two methods set their respective dimensions in “points”, which is 1/72 of an inch.

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