Get Color with Pixie

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If you ever need to quickly get the Hex Color Code, or RGB value of a color on your screen, you may have some issues. Sure you can screen shot, then paste into Photoshop and use the color picker… but even typing that took too long. And who wants to open up Photoshop when they are only coding a site and need a quick value of a color.

The answer is Pixie. Pixie is a free to use “Color Grabber” or “Eye Dropper”. It is very light weight and portable, meaning you don’t need to install it. You just run the EXE and you are golden.

The Features

  • Hot Key Support to copy HTML Value
  • Hot Key Support to use Magnifier
  • Hot Key Support to open Color Mixer
  • Shows what Pixel Position you are at
  • Shows HEX Color Value
  • Shows HTML Color Value
  • Shows RGB Color Value
  • Shows CMYK Color Value
  • Shows HSV Color Value

You can also minimize the application to your Task Bar Notification Area. Personally I just close out of the program and re-open it when needed, since I can find it easier that way.

If you would like this program, you can get it from their website at Nattyware - Pixie Download.

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