Todoist App for Linux

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Todoist is a free todo list service that works on many different platforms. You can have it on Android, Apple Phones, Windows, inside software such as Thunderbird and Postbox, and just access it through their website. But there is no native app for Linux, but there is a work around if you use Google Chrome.

Todoist offers a chrome extension, but all it does is add a button to your browser to view your Todoist tasks. To get a program that is more stand-alone and similar to the Windows Todoist version, download the official Todoist for Chrome App below from the Google Webstore.

Adding Desktop Icons

If you install the Chrome App and it doesn’t create a desktop icon automatically and you would like one, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the chrome apps page at chrome://apps
  2. Right click on the Chrome App you want a shortcut of
  3. Click on “Create Shortcuts” and then select what shortcuts you want created.

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