Blogger Customize AdSense Advertisements

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With the simplicity of adding advertisements to your Blogger website, it may be difficult to realize how to modify the advertisements and customize them. Advertisements that are automatically added to Blogger through the linked Earnings tab are located in two spots, under posts (between posts) and on the sidebar.

The advertisements under posts are rectangles and don’t usually fit nice with the design. So customizing these advertisements settings to leaderboards could really improve the look of your site. Of course, if you have ads added through HTML or widgets, customizing them is a little different.

Customize Ads Under Posts

To customize the advertisements between and under posts you will have to follow the next few steps. You can customize size, color, type (text / image ads), and view a preview of the advertisements.

  1. Open up Blogger and click on your Blogs name to view the settings and tools for that specific site.
  2. On the left sidebar, enter the page for “Layout”, this is where you can add and customize various widgets on your site.
  3. Find the large widget named “Blog Posts” or similar. This is the widget that loads all of the posts onto your site.
  4. On the bottom right of this widget, click on “Edit” to open up the popup containing all of the settings.
  5. If your AdSense account is linked properly and enabled, halfway down the popup window will have “Show Ads Between Posts” and “Configure Inline Ads”. Here you have all of your ad settings. Customizing ads will create new ads in your adsense account.

Customize Sidebar Advertisement

Customizing the sidebar advertisement is identical to modifying the ads located under posts, but instead of opening “Edit” for the “Blog Posts”, you will click on “Edit” for “AdSense” gadget located on the sidebar in the Layout page.

If you do not have an adsense widget, you can add one by clicking on “Add Gadget” and finding the official Google AdSense widget by Blogger. Or you can go to your “Earnings” page and make sure the drop down menu for “Display” has the option to display ads in your sidebar.

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