My Mini ITX Build Adventure

Long ago I had the idea to build a Mini Computer, a Mini ITX computer. I knew about the drawbacks of such a computer, including a lower processing speed and usually no option for a dedicated graphics card. Being perfectly fine with these drawbacks, I set my sights and goals on a custom Mini ITX computer that would be energy efficient, fit at least two hard drives and be able to run fast enough for my every day work.

VirtualBox Video Capture

Running VirtualBox and Screen Capture software can be put a large dent in performance of your PC. The point being, why should capturing Virtual machines be so difficult, including cropping the desktop, getting the resolutions correct, etc. VirtualBox has built in a Video Capture method that will now record your virtual machine to a WebM video file. Now, this feature existed before version 4.3.0 of VirtualBox, but it required extra work, not just your normal installation.

CMD Alternatives and Managers

CMD or known as Command Prompt allows you to enter text commands in a console for Windows operating systems. CMD can also be referred to as “DOS”, shell, console, and terminal but those terms usually have a better meaning elsewhere. Using CMD for a single task is usually fine, but when you have multiple commands prompts open for watching working with MySQL, development, many console programs you need a better alternative.

Modifying Compiled C Programs in Hex Editors

If you ever wanted to make changes to a program and didn’t have the source code you are usually out of luck. But with decompilers you can turn the compiled exe, or other executable file into ASM (Assembly) or just edit the HEX code. If you are looking to make a lot of changes decompiling to ASM is suggested since you can more clearly understand what is happening. But if you just need to modify a few variables and strings, why not just open it up in a hex editor quickly?

How Websites Track You

Recently in the news there has been a lot of issues with privacy on the internet. Large companies tracking you without your knowledge and using that information to make money. So how does a website track you? Well it is fairly simple if you have a service or item that other websites will add to their site, such as advertisements and “Like” buttons. Almost every website will track you, possibly without knowing it.