What are Portable Apps

You will often times see software that is available online listed as Portable. But what is a portable app? Is it for laptops and mobile devices? Well, it can be used on those devices, but it’s main purpose is much different. To truly understand what a portable app is, you need to know some basics about how computers install software and how software stores data onto the computer. When you install a program to your computer, a few things take place.

Methods to Fight Comment Spam

With the increase in spam over the last few years, preventing comment spam is getting even more difficult. Bots are running JavaScript, learning what fields to populate and more. But, if you implement enough features, you can fight back and be almost spam free. Method 1: Moderate Comments For every comment you receive, you read through it before it gets posted to your site or blog. Most blogging systems have a moderation page where you have to manually approve each comment, but people end up disabling this or allowing only users to post comments.

How Web Servers Work

Every website has a web server, but how does it work. How does it know what content you want and what code to execute? To begin, let’s get a basic understanding of what a web server is. A web server is a server that hosts a website. Often times the server will also run mail, database, FTP and SSH services. If the server is for a large website, they will often have multiple web servers running to distribute the request load to each server.

What is a Domain Name

David from Geek This Net explains what a domain name is. It is used more than just pointing to websites. Companies use domain names to point to IP address (same method used for websites), but they are used for software, updates, and much more. Using domain names is much easier, because you only need to update DNS records, to assign the domain name to a new IP address or location.

What is a Sitemap

David explains how a site map benefits search engines and your website. You can get search engines crawl more pages of your website, and gathering more keywords and content. The gathering of this content allows search engines to display your results higher up, and to more relevant searches. Site Maps are pages that contain links to all the pages of your website, or to the most important ones, so search engines can easily find them.