Linux Mounting Flashdrive Twice

I have once again started using Linux while working away from my main office. And it seems that every time I start using Linux after a break, I come across an issue that I have to resolve. I shouldn't really complain though since it does give me something to write about. This time was a fairly odd issue with a very simple fix. Whenever I would plug in my flash drive or external media (such as a hard drive), my operating system would mount normally and show the Desktop icon, but the flashdrive appeared twice under "Devices." For me, I see the "Devices" when looking at folders on the side pane.

Windows HoloLens - Holographic Glasses

Today while working I was watching the Microsoft Press Conference and all of the normal things were announced, such as Windows 10 updates, various integration with Xbox One and Windows and the Windows Surface Hub which is a TV like device for conference rooms. But what really got my attention was the Windows HoloLens. It will probably be compared to Google Glass or various VR headsets that are already released, but it actually a lot different from what I can tell.

Comodo Backup - Easy Backup Solution

No matter how often your friends, family and random geeks on the internet tell you how important backing up is, you may rarely or never do it. I had a very close call the other week when I deleted a partition (a section of my hard drive) with all of my work on it. I luckily had a backup from that morning and could fairly quickly get everything back up and running. If I didn't have that backup, I would of lost years of work that can't easily be replaced.

LRGR - Make Videos Larger

The majority of time people spend online is mostly often focused towards watching videos. It can be videos of any type, YouTube, Hulu, news, or whatever else is out there. But one flaw that most of these video sites have is, the video is too small or too large. You only have the option to use their default player size or make it full screen. I don't know if other people are like me, but I am always doing something else when watching a video on my computer, so the full screen option is no longer one.

My Website Design Process

Everyone has their own way of doing things, from ordinary house chores to their "fastest" way to get to work. This always applies to peoples jobs. Now, I don't consider myself a web designer, but it's a job I am forced into since my main line of work is programming websites and software. Instead of having to pay someone every time I come up with a website idea, I just end up designing the sites by myself and in the future I can always hire someone to change it if the site gets popular enough.