• Posted on December 26, 2016

Track Goals Using Todoist

Everyone has goals, but many people forget to track their progress. Tracking the progress for each of your goals greatly increases the chance of completion along with making each milestone more rewarding. One way to track your goals is to use the Todoist service and app as a goal tracker. While Todoist is not designed as a goal tracking app, it still has a lot of useful features that can be used to track your goals.

Configuring Todoist as a Goal Tracking App

To get started with tracking your goals with Todoist, create a new project to store all of your goals. Since I have a project for “Personal” items, such as shopping and various errands, I added a sub-project for my goals. You can now setup individual sub-projects for each goal and have each task as a milestone, or my preferred way of having each goal as a task, with sub-tasks as the milestones. By having a task as a goal instead of a project, you can setup reminders for each goal.

  1. Create a new bold task called * !!Fitness Goals!!, or create a new sub-project.
  2. Create a sub-task for each milestone you want to reach, such as “Lose 5lbs” and “Lose 10lbs.”
  3. Set a due date for each milestone. Be sure to leave enough time to achieve each milestone or you might become discouraged.

Todoist Goals

With all of your goals jotted down, creating a list of how to accomplish each goal will help you stay on track and remember important details and information. Inside of Todoist, create a comment for each goal (project comment or task comment) and write down what’s needed to successfully complete said goal. For instance, your fitness goal will have a comment linking to healthy recipes you want to try, workout routines, and possibly a list of your weigh-ins to further track your progress.

Along with task comments, setting reminders based on location and date can be useful. With reminders, you will usually create a new task outside of the goals project that will fit into your daily routine. With the fitness example, I would create a new recurring task under my “Personal” project reminding me to exercise. Using location reminders, you can even get a reminder when you are leaving work to head over to the gym before going home.

Additional Features for Fitness Goals

With fitness goals being on almost everyone’s list, it’s worth mentioning some useful features that can help you reach your goals while using Todoist as a goal tracker.

If you are following a workout program such as P90X, you can import Todoist templates for that workout routine. The Todoist template will setup a new project outlining what video or routine you have to do each day. If a template doesn’t exist, you should create your own at share it on Todo Templates. Right now, you can import templates for the Insanity Workout and P90X3

While working out and losing weight, keeping track of your weigh-ins can help you feel more motivated by seeing your past progress. A neat way to keep track of your weight is to create a comment on your fitness goal that will show your weight, how far you ran, and other progress you have made. This can also be automated by using IFTTT with fitbit and email. You can configure IFTTT to e-mail a new comment to a task when you complete a daily goal or when a new weight is logged. If you don’t have a fitness tracker, you can always manually add a comment.

Set Goal to Read More Often

If you wish to read more often, Todoist can assist with that as well. While reading doesn’t have as much tracking and statistics compared to tracking fitness, there is still quite a bit you can still do.

First you will want to create a list of each book you want to read. I end up having the milestones being a book instead of a smaller milestone and then setup a recurring task to read for a certain amount of time each day. Having a recurring task reminding you to read for a set amount of time each day is very helpful. You can also configure reminders to alert you to read during your lunch break or to pickup a book when you are near your library.

Once you are done reading a book or after each session of reading, creating a comment about what you read or have learned can help you remember important information and gives you the ability to retrieve this information later. This is more useful if you are reading educational books but can also be applied to fictional works.

Similar to adding fitness goals, importing an existing template of books to read can save you time compiling a list of books. Todoist templates exist of Elon Musk’s favorite books along with books the Doist staff suggested in 2016.

Becoming More Organized

Since you are using Todoist, you are already more organized. But there are some additional tips inside of Todoist to help you even more. For instance, make sure you always have access to the Todoist app. Have it on your phone, computer, watch, and every other device you use. Being able to jot down tasks as you learn about them will make it so you don’t leave a task unattended. Also being able to access your task list at any time is great if you are out of the office and need to remember what errands you have to complete.

Setting up location based reminders is also very helpful to stay organized. You can keep tasks out of your daily view until they are needed. One great example of this, is a shopping task along with a grocery list. When you arrive at the store, receive a notification on your phone with the grocery list without having to look through the Todoist application.

Good luck reaching your goals, and remember to keep them updated.