• Posted on June 19, 2013

Hulu Labs Face Match

Hulu isn’t known to add new features and further technology, but this time they did with their release of “Face Match”. It does exactly what you think it will do, but in a much better way and more useful. If you are not aware of Hulu, it is a video streaming site, but based around TV and Movies. You can watch TV shows and Movies for free, or subscribe to their premium program of Hulu Plus to get more episodes of shows, less advertisements, and access to TV shows and Movies only Plus members are allowed to access.

Hulu Face Match detects faces of the actors and actresses that are on the screen. Around their face you will see a “frame” with only the corners. Fairly similar to how camera face detect looks like. That is great and all, but the real feature is hovering over the “Face Match Frame”. When you do, you get detailed information about that person in the TV Show and in real life.

While hovering over the box the video will pause with the information popup. It appears the data is pulled from Wikipedia, and gives you the option to report incorrect information. To access the Face Match feature, just open up the settings on the player (The large cog), and choose the option “On” for it.

Hulu Face Matching Dwight

To learn more about Hulu’s Face Match you can read their page describing it over at http://www.hulu.com/labs/tagging.