• Posted on March 3, 2013

Google More Accessible to Blind and Deaf Users

The Search Engine Giant, Google is working on making Google and Google Plus Hangouts more friendly and accessible to deaf and blind users. Google announced on their official blog last week that they are creating Chrome, Google and Android apps to make their services easier for low-vision’ed and deaf visitors.

Some of the new features they added are, on the Chrome OS it now supports high-quality text-to-speech voice. They only currently have English up and running. They also created spoken feedback, screen magnification glass, and a high contrast mode. All of these features come out of the box for the Chromebook and Chromebox.

Google Mail, also known as Gmail has a consistent navigation interface, along with HTML5 ARIA. This allows users to navigate using keyboard shortcuts and commands.

But Google isn’t just helping their services; they are helping everyone but including a Web Speech API that was released in the latest stable version of Chrome. Developers can now use the speech recognition software inside their own apps.

For Android users, there are a few updates also that Google has released and are working on. Android 4.2 now comes with a magnification mode. All you have to do is enable it, and then triple tap on the screen to zoom in.

I can’t wait to see more websites, programs and devices to start adding better support for users with disabilities, or for people who find it hard to sometimes use these services because of other factors.