• Posted on April 11, 2013

Google Handles Death With Settings

Google has a new option for users that are inactive or have past away. If you do not access your account for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, you can tell Google what to do with your account data such as GMail, YouTube, Calendars and more. This new service is called “Inactive Account Manager.”

After Google notices you have not logged in for the set time frame, you will be warned with an E-Mail and Text Message. The E-Mail will go to a secondary e-mail. A mobile phone number is required for this service to work.

After the account goes “Inactive” after the warning, your contacts that you specify (up to 10), will get an e-mail saying that your account has gone inactive. You can further setup what data you will share with them once the account is inactive.

If you do not want your data available any more, you have an option to Delete your account. I am unsure if you can specify which services get deleted and what ones can remain active. Personally I would like to be able to pick services like YouTube to remain active after I die so the information will remain out there, but the other data can be purged.

I think more sites should add this kind of actions, but managing it all will be difficult. There are services out there that do this already across multiple sites, but I don’t like having one company have my password to all my services and accounts, it just can’t be trusted. If you think you may want a service like this, be sure to do a lot of research about the company since they will have to keep your passwords encrypted to be able to access your account.

If you think you might be interested in this service, you should visit Inactive Account Manager by Google, and you can see their Official Post about this topic.