• Posted on April 10, 2013

Google Fiber Coming to Austin Texas

If you have not heard of Google Fiber, you are not alone. Google Fiber is an internet connection that gives home users gigabit speeds, instead of your normal 1-20 megabit speed you see in most homes. The reason you haven’t heard of it, is because it is currently only available in Kansas City after they won a contest held by Google in 2010. They changed their city name to “Topeka”, and Google chose them as the first city they would try Google Fiber on.

But with the expanding of Google Fiber to Austin Texas in the middle of 2014, we can expect to see more cities to start planning for Google Fiber also, or more competition to arise. Maybe in a few more years everyone in the United States will hopefully have internet speeds up to par with other countries.

A few reasons that Austin Texas was picked as the next city, was because of their technology influence, the great communities, the universities and their new medical research hospital. There are other reasons such as population, density, demand, but it is nice to see Google caring more about just the numbers, but the people it will affect.

If you would like to see the Google Offical post, you can read it on Google’s Blog.