• Posted on July 20, 2013

Gmail Full Screen Compose Update

Since Gmail has changed the Compose window to look like a small chat message box, many people were not pleased. Gmail took our words of frustration into consideration and released an update.

The new Gmail Compose has the option to instead of Popout the compose window, to expand it inside the current window. This gives us a new larger viewing area to compose our messages. There are still some things wrong with it. The compose window seems fairly unresponsive inside of Google Chrome along with all the other javascript used to run Gmail. I really wish they would limit the javascript and make Gmail faster. Also, clicking anywhere on the screen while in the new compose, will close out of it. There was no indication that it was going to close with new messages. So you may have to repeat multiple steps to get back to composing from a simple mouse error.

To use the new “Compose”, you just have to click the large Compose button, and on the top left of the New Message window, click the double arrows (middle icon) to view it in the expanded full screen mode. You can still get the popout compose window by shift clicking the double arrow icon.

If you want the Full Screen mode to be default, on the bottom right of the compose box (while in the full screen mode), click the arrow to expose more options. You will have the option to default to Full Screen mode when you compose. I didn’t notice this at first, so hopefully this will be helpful to some of you.

Gmail Full Screen Compose