• Posted on March 23, 2015

Fun Twitter Accounts for Computer Geeks

Computer geeks need a good laugh sometimes, and there is no better place than Twitter. Twitter is a gold mine of funny accounts that reach all parts of life and work. Either it’s an account about an inexperienced web designer that tweets out all of the things you did the first year on the job, or a server that is so depressed because the system administrators have no idea what they are doing.

Below is a collection of some funny Twitter accounts about geeks, mostly related to programming, development, etc.

Sad Server - @sadserver

This Twitter feed is coming to you from a server who is depressed and has never been hugged. On a normal day, you can expect it to complain about the system admins screwing up config files.

Junior Designer - @jnr_designer

If you have ever been a designer, this twitter feed will relate to you. If you are a designer and find that this account doesn’t related to a past version of yourself, you probably need to take a second look at your designs. On a normal day you can see how a junior, inexperienced designer works. From saving files as “design1.png”, “design1 (copy).png”, “design1 new (copy).png” to having thin light gray fonts on white backgrounds.

Bad Coder - @TheCodeItBurns

Bad Coder is from the mind of a terrible programmer thinking through problems and solutions.

Hipster Hacker - @hipsterhacker

This hipster’s code is poetry, meanwhile yours is oh-noetry. View tweets about general development and programming issues, and working with other developers.

Startup Ops Guy - @StartupOpsGuy

Live the life of a CEO of a startup, actually many startups. Read about all the problems you run into, such as thinking you made a sale when in reality the new intern used the business card to buy the service as a test.

Only Girl in Tech - @OnlyGirlInTech

As the username points out, this is the twitter account for the only girl in the tech industry.

Honest Status Page - @Honest_Update

View what the status page and the developers are actually thinking when a site error occurs. From having the problem go from being broken to “it’s working on my machine” to error messages that make no sense.