• Posted on May 23, 2013

Chrome Update 28.0.1500.20 beta-m

In another attempt for Google to better push their search engine to users who already know about it, Google Chrome Beta changes its New Tab page back to the search engine. If you have been using Chrome Beta since April you would be aware of their previous attempt that I further talk about here. The Chrome Update of 28.0.1500.20 was released May 23, 2013 and you can check if you are using this version by navigating to chrome://version/. This link probably won’t work so you will have to enter it manually (for security reasons).

The main change once again is the New Tab page. It is once again the Google Search page but now with 8 of your most visited pages. This was one thing some users were angry about, including me, previously. Before there was only 4 but they did increase this to 8 in this version of the beta. When you start typing in the Search Bar on the new tab page, it will start entering the text into the Omni Box (address bar). I find this really pointless, why redirect the users input so they have to see where they are typing? On the search page, it is independent of the normal Google Search page so some links and navigation options are gone, including the black bar navigation. But instead they did add a button to show popular Google services.

The search is also more limited, for example you can’t search for people like you would in the normal Google, where it would show up their Google Plus page. And this is just the first thing that is missing. A lot of other features like this are most likely going to be missing also. I don’t get why they would remove features from probably one of the main ways people search. I search through Google using the navigation bar more than anything else, and having the search limit my options is a bad idea.

The Chrome internal error pages got updated in this recent version. If you navigate to a chrome:// URL that doesn’t exist you can see it. Along with that they also fixed a lot of bugs that you can see the full list at Chromium Build Change Log.

A video previewing some of the changes can be found below.