• Posted on April 19, 2013

Chrome Update 27.0.1453.56 beta-m

Google Chrome released their new beta version today, with some large changes that will most likely affect you if you are using Google Chrome Beta. The newest release is 27.0.1453.56 beta-m and you can see if you are using this version by navigating to chrome://chrome/.

The first main change is the “New Tab” page. The new “New Tab” page is a Google search page. It looks very similar to Google.com but has 4 of your most visited sites. You can no longer see your Apps or 8 of your most visited sites. I don’t like not being able to see my apps quickly.

The second large change is when you use OmniBox to search on Google, you don’t have the search bar any more on Google. They made Google rely on the Google Chrome address bar to enter a new search. I like having Google the same no matter how I get there. Why make us look for where to enter our next search if we are use to entering it in a specific location?

The third change is when you visit Google through the OmniBox you don’t have your navigation on the top, such as +You, Mail, Calendar, Videos, etc. You have to navigate to these directly, search for them, or go to the real Google website. I don’t see why they remove links to their own services. I often find myself searching for something and then quickly trying to go to Calendar or another service.

The fourth thing is they made the OmniBox Drop Down full width. It will take up the full width of the browser instead of just the width of your address bar. They did this so they could include a huge “Google” logo and a ton of white space.

I made a video showing you these changes and you can see it below.

Update April 22, 2013

After using this version of the beta for a few days there are a few other issues that I have noticed. If you quickly open a new tab and start trying to navigate to a page you will get a crashed tab page. You must begin typing before the newtab page loads for this error to occur.

Every so often when you open a new tab you won’t see the search bar or logo, you will only see your 4 most visited sites. I cannot replicate this error on command, but it does happen at least once every hour.

Update April 25, 2013

I noticed that a new version of Chrome was released under the version of 27.0.1453.65 beta-m. Seems to fix the Issues I posted about on 4/22/2013, but the new tab page is still the search engine page.

If you notice any errors, please post them in the comments or share them with Google Chrome developers on their product forums. I will keep this post updated until it is irrelevant.